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iTunes Sync v1.2 Released

iTunes Sync v1.2 has been released into the wild. This version has many requested features and some interface tweaks.

iTunes Sync

Changes for this version:

  • Added support for synching to subfolders on the MP3 player (for example, the \Music\ folder instead of just synching everything to the root)
  • Added an "Album" folder structure option (total of 4 now) that looks like this: \Album\Artist - Song.mp3
  • Renamed "Device" to "MP3 Player" throughout the website and application
  • Added a checkbox to allow synching without having to delete the files on the MP3 player first (defaults to not delete)
  • Show a warning if no MP3 players are configured when opening the "Synchronize MP3 Players" window
  • Show a warning if no MP3 players are connected when opening the "Synchronize MP3 Players" window
  • Now Highlights the "Files to Delete" box in red if it is going to delete files
iTunes Sync

Go and grab the new version of iTunes Sync right now!

Jun 16, 2007  • #1
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