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iTunes Sync v1.1 Released

iTunes Sync v1.1 has been released into that wild party known as the internet. It has a ton of bug fixes and enhancements, so I recommend that everyone update to the new version. Here's a quick rundown on the changes:

  • Added 2 other folder structure types for a total of 3
    • Root: All files in the root of the drive
    • Artist: All files in folders by artist
    • Artist/Album: All files in folders by artist, then in sub-folders by album
  • Fixed a window positioning issue
  • Added icons to all the buttons for easier function recognition
  • When confirming the files to sync you can now see a list of files to be deleted/copied
  • Now has a more responsive interface during pre-sync and sync (to allow for cancelling... etc) by making the file copy asynchronous
  • During the file sync 3 new fields are shown: Current File, Time Remaining, Transfer Rate (MB/sec)
  • Now checks for other instances of iTunes Sync at startup and only allows 1 instance
  • Removed window flickering when launching the application
  • Fixed an iTunes playlist issue where iTunes Sync sometimes can't find your playlist
  • Now detects and warns when duplicate iTunes playlists are present. Duplicate playlists can lead to incorrect songs being sync'd so syncing is disabled when duplicate playlists are detected

Check out iTunes Sync today!

Jun 13, 2007  • #1
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These new features sound haawwtt.
Jun 13, 2007  • #2
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