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iTunes Sync in the May 2008 issue of PC World

I'm very pleased to mention (once again) that one of my applications has made it into a major print magazine. This month, iTunes Sync has found it's way into the May 2008 issue of PC World!

PC World Magazine May 2008 iTunes Sync (Cover)  PC World Magazine May 2008 iTunes Sync (Article)

Here is a quick excerpt from the article:

This free Windows utility syncs any iTunes playlist to non-Apple players. Install iTunes Sync, fire up iTunes, and plug in your player. [...] Click the Sync button and sit back while your playlist breaks free of its iTunes shackles.

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I'd like to send a big thanks out to Ron Palermo for bringing this article to my attention! Ron has received a complimentary DisplayFusion Pro license for letting me know about this article, and you can too. Visit the In the News page to find out more about this fantastic offer.

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Andrew M
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*checks watch* yep it's almost about time to start cashing in on the fact that I'm friends with you - you rockstar
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