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iTunes Sync Enhanced MP3 Player Support

I'm sure you all can imagine how many emails I have received from people asking me to add support for new MP3 players in iTunes Sync (trust me, it's a lot). So far my biggest problem with adding MP3 player support has been getting a hold of different devices to test with. It's nearly impossible! I have tested with as many devices as I can gather from my friends, but unfortunately this doesn't include any Sansa devices or Sony devices. These are by far the most requested devices to add support for, but so far have been the trickiest to find for testing. I am hard at work building in MTP support for a future version which will add support for a huge number of devices, but I'm not sure about the Sansa or Sony devices. If you have one of these devices, and you are somewhat technically inclined, I invite you to contact me about testing private builds of iTunes Sync.

A big thanks to everyone who has contacted me so far about results with their MP3 players. It has been a huge help, so keep those emails coming!

Jun 17, 2007  • #1
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