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iTunes Sync and Localization

Just a quick update about iTunes Sync and the planned localization support. I have had an overwhelming response to include a German interface option in the next release of iTunes Sync. Amongst this response I have had about 1 person per day volunteering to help translate the interface. Fantastic! I have had to start turning people away because I have enough people already to help with German, but if you're interested in a different language just drop me a line. You can be sure that I will try my best to get German support into the next release.

Thanks to everyone!

Jul 17, 2007  • #1
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Kristin Hansen
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Hi Jon,

Are your volunteers utilizing a translation memory backend to leverage previously translated text / strings / phrases? Will the documentation and online help also be localized into German?

I would be interested in speaking with you briefly. Please respond to my email address (included).

Jul 18, 2007  • #2
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Hi Kristin,
I have sent an email to the address you provided.

Jul 19, 2007  • #3
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Pablo Albornoz
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Hi Jon, I'm a long-time user of your software and it's is the first time I contact you.
I don't have a international credit card to make a donation, but I could say thanks translating you software to spanish, I've experience in translation and localization, so if you want it, count with me.
Jul 31, 2007  • #4
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Pablo Albornoz1
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ps: I use your software with my Sony PSP and it works like charm! It was featured in www.pspfanboy.com
Jul 31, 2007  • #5
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