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iTunes Sync: 20,000 Downloads and Counting

Sometime around the middle of this week iTunes Sync passed the 20,000 download mark. Hurray! When I wrote this application just over 2 months ago, I did so because I wanted to use iTunes with my cheap-o MP3 player. When I posted iTunes Sync for others to download I had no idea there were as many people in the same situation as me. Well, it turns out there are, as iTunes Sync has been averaging over 340 downloads per day, with a steady stream of email and forum feedback to match. Thanks to everyone who has submitted bug reports, feedback, suggestions and to everyone who contributed to the tested MP3 player's list. You've all helped to make iTunes Sync what it is today!


Aug 17, 2007  • #1
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Andrew M
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Dude congrats! You're a rockstar in my books
Aug 17, 2007  • #2
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